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Here you find our range of bows and arrows.

Instruction Manual Yough Sports Bow.pdf

Safety Instructions:

  • String the bow only when using it and unhook the string afterwards.
  • Check that the string is undamaged and runs exactly in the notches and in the center of the bow.
  • A tensioned arch has already stored energy, and if the string tears or unintentionally unhooks, the limbs snap back fast to their relaxed position.
  • Do not hurt anyone with the limbs.
  • Do not make "dry fire" (pulling the string and have it snap back without an arrow), because the tendon and arch must absorb all the energy and could be damaged.
  • Use only undamaged and matching arrows (length and spine value).
  • Always carry arrows with the tip down or in a quiver.
  • Only shoot at targets where no one can be hurt by lack shots and the shot field must be free. If the arrow hits the target, parts can bounce in all directions.
  • Do not hurt yourself on arrows on the ground.
  • Do not hurt yourself by the arrows that are stuck in the target disc in your face or even your eyes. Approach the arrows at the side of the target as you can stumble and fall in the direction of the arrows.
  • When pulling the arrows, use an arrow puller so that you are not injured by carbon fibers or wood chips.
  • Be careful when you place an arrow on your bow that others will perceive it.
  • Once you pull the string the arrowhead must point toward the target and better focus down.


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