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Bowl unser täglich Brot

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Bowl "unser täglich Brot", round, Swiss stone pine wood, 30 cm diameter, 75 mm height

The wooden bowls in our range of goods are made out of Swiss stone pine

The essential oils in the pinewood spread a pleasant scent and have a positive effect on the quality of life.

Studies have found that pinewood has an antibacterial effect !

The wood friend can thus offer in the swiss stone pine bowls for example biscuits, pastries, bread, nuts, sweets and other delights wonderfully to his guests. In the kitchen you can keep grain and flour in the wooden bowls and knead the bread dough. If the pinewood bowl becomes wet during use or cleaning, it must then be dried again gently. A carefully treated stone pine bowl keeps for centuries.

Swiss stone pine is the wood of special pine trees, which grow in the Alps and Carpathians.
The trees can be up to 1000 years old. The aromatically fragrant wood is used in many different ways. The wood is light, medium hard and can be worked very well. It is used for carving and turning e.g. of pinewood bowls, for interior decoration and for furnitures.
The wood of the Swiss stone pine is the only hardwood among the conifers.

The pinewood bowls are handcrafted in Tyrol.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 09 October, 2015.
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