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Drying FrameDrying Frame

Drying frame of beechwood, untreated, 58 x 38 x 7 cm, stainless steel mesh V4A, including 4 removable supports, stackable,

Use for:
- Drying of herbs
- Drying of tea
- Drying of spices
- Drying of fruits

The stainless steel mesh is secured from below with wooden slats and stainless steel screws. In order that the material to be dried (e.g. tea and herbs) gets enough air for the drying process from the bottom, 4 piece supports are included. Several drying frames can be stacked on each other to allow a space-saving drying.

The drying time depends on the temperature, the supply of air, humidity, moisture content of the material to be dried and of the time. Drying can take several days.

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Model: TR0010
Packing unit: piece
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Drying Frame

55.97 €
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