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Sports Bow Jandao on Bow Stand

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This manual is to introduce the installation and simple operation of the bow and not a training course! You still need to use your bow under the guidance of professionals or your dealer. Note: The bow is for fun shooting and training. Please don't use it for illegal purposes.


Packaged items

1. Bow Handle, 2. Bow Limbs, 3. String, 4. Packing box, 5. Model, 6. Address

Manual Sports Bow Jandao delivery contents
(The shown picture is just for reference. and please check the packed items for the actual packaged items, other accessories need to be purchased separately)



Remove the foam paper packing of the limbs and handle.
1. Screw out the limb bolt from the bow handle. Then assemble the limbs into the bow handle according to the shown picture and fasten it with limb bolt. Please pay attention to the different positions of the limbs on the handle. The limb with the specifications label (in which indicate the bow length, poundage) is the lower limb, and should be placed on the lower position of the bow handle.
Sports Bow Jandao Limbs Assembling

2. Install the string on the bow according to the shown pictures. Please pay attention to the size of two string loops are different. Put the larger one into the tip of top limb, and the smaller one into the tip of lower limb.
Sports Bow tension the bow

Above we introduce one safe method to assemble bow, see fig 4. Push the top limbs with the direction of red line, and then put the string loop into the top limb of the bow. Please use this way to assemble your bow and the other ways need the guidance of the archery professionals.


Please avoid the unexpected injuries when shoot the bow. Wearing of Chest Guard, Arm Guard and Finger Tab would be recommended when shooting. Below shooting instructions are based on the right-hand bow shooter.

1. Standing Posture

Stand with the posture that the angle between your two feet is 45°, and put your left foot in the front and right foot in back, then left foot heel and tip of right foot are connecting together, with which it should be parallel with your body.
Sports Bow Jandao Right Posture

2. Drawing the bow

Hold the bow with left hand and nock the arrow into the string, and then pull the string with your index finger, middle finger and ring finger. The position of the arrow nock should be between the index finger tip and middle finger tip. Further to pull the bow with your left hand to full draw position. 
! Attention: the hand which is holding the bow should not bend toward the bow string. Otherwise, your arm would be hit when release the bow string, which will make unexpected injuries.


Thank you for buying this quality product and we wish you every enjoyment and success with your new bow.

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