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Legal Notice

LEGAL NOTICE is the Webshop of:
Robert Ager
Grafenweg 319a
6314 Hopfgarten i. Bt.
Tel. 0681/10232433
Email: shop [at]

Value Added Tax Identification Number: ATU69348217

Member of the Wirtschaftskammer Tirol, Sector Trade,
Mail order business and Internet trading
Berufsrecht: Gewerbeordnung:
Bezirkshauptmannschaft Kitzbühel, Reg.Zahl.: 704-17837

Trade with products mainly made out from wood.
The ecofriendly material wood is ideally suited for a lot of products and I would like to show this fact on my websites and offer some good products in my webshop.

Bank connection: Raiffeisenbank Wildschönau, AT05 3635 7000 0012 1962, BIC: RZTIAT22357  

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Wooden Products
6314 Hopfgarten
Grafenweg, Niederau, Wildschönau, Tirol, Austria